September 29, 2016


The Chainsmokers' 'All We Know' Sounds A Lot Like 'Closer'

The Chainsmokers have yet another song out, as the continue to release hits without stopping. This time, they've collaborated with Phoebe Ryan on "All We Know," a track about the innocence of young love and the tumultuous crumbling of a relationship that they're trying to hold together.

"This is all we know," Ryan and 'Smokers singer Andrew Taggart duet on the smooth, laidback track. 

"All We Know" features The Chainsmokers' signature beat drop at the end of the chorus, abiding by the formula that they've used for "Don't Let Me Down" and "Roses." They've made their blueprint explicit, but this new track sounds a little too much like their Halsey collab "Closer." But hey, if your song went to No. 1, you'd want to repeat that success, too.

With detached words on the chorus, "All We Know" follows an extremely similar rhythm and melody as "Closer." They're both duets between lovers trying to figure it out. They both dish a sense of exploration and chaos, as they list cities and modes of transportation in both songs—making the listener feel a bit curious, like they're uncovering something new. "Closer" and "All We Know" are perfect for those getting restless just sitting at home consuming the same ol' pop songs. And while The Chainsmokers seem to be following in their own footsteps, it might not be a bad idea.

Watch our interview with The Chainsmokers below: