September 6, 2016


Chevy Chase Returns to Rehab

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for PCA
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for PCA

Veteran comic actor Chevy Chase has re-entered rehab. The Caddyshack star and Saturday Night Live alum spent time at the Betty Ford Center 30 years ago; he is now visiting Minnesota's Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center.

Chase's rep tells TMZ the 72-year-old "wants to be the best that he can be" and that the return to rehab is seen as a "tune-up."

Chase is appearing in two movies later this year, Fred Olen Ray's The Christmas Apprentice and Dog Years, starring Burt Reynolds. Last year he showed up in the new Vacation and Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

Chase acted on NBC's Community from 2009 to 2014; he and creator Dan Harmon feuded prolifically. It was not Chase's first public beef.