September 1, 2016


Chris Brown Drops New Song Following Jail Release: Listen

Vincent Sandoval/WireImage
Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

Chris Brown's not shook. A day after leaving jail on $250,000 bail, the singer has dropped "What Would You Do?" It is not, so far as we can tell, an ode to the classic ABC News series, or a remake of the City High classic. On the same week he's seen his home mobbed by police following a report of threatening a guest with a gun, the track's got lyrics like, "What do you do fighting for your life / And no one's on your side, yeah baby"

Listen to Breezy's "What Would You Do?" below:

Brown prefaced the drop on Instagram, saying he was ready to "turn the other cheek, drop some music":

While you're with us, watch a 16-year-old Chris Brown tell Fuse about handling his newfound fame: