September 1, 2016


'Justice League vs. Suicide Squad' Comic Coming Very Soon: Details

Did you hear that sound around 8:01 a.m. this morning? That was a mass fanboy head-explosion following the Wall Street Journal's reveal that DC Comics will drop a Suicide Squad/Justice League crossover comic.

The newspaper writes that Justice League vs. Suicide Squad will be a six-issue miniseries transpiring in December and January. The story will reportedly center on Batman taking on  government official Amanda Waller’s Task Force X.

Also appearing will be recent big-screen characters Harley Quinn, Superman and Deadshot, plus new Suicide Squad member Killer Frost. “That’s been one of the biggest challenges, easily: trying to make sure every character has a moment, but isn’t forced,” says writer veteran Joshua Williamson (The Flash, Ghosted), who will team with artist Josh Fabok (Batman Eternal, Detective Comics).

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