September 13, 2016


Metal Band Dead Summit Breaks World Record With 101-Song Single Album: Listen

KaptenTV on YouTube
KaptenTV on YouTube

Sometimes, you simply have to break a world record, for no other reason than to say that you broke a world record. That’s what Sweden metal artist Kapten Hurricane, who records under the name Dead Summit, decided to do with 100 Rock Songs, which set the record for the highest number of songs on a single album.

According to AltPress, the album actually includes 101 songs, all of which are mere seconds long, and thus set the record by one song. Last year, the Pocket Gods released an album titled 100x30, which contained 100 songs each running 30 seconds.

Hurricane confirmed to Danish music magazine Gaffa that the concept was just one big goof:

“It’s only 101 percent nonsense. There is no message. We do not want to say anything with it...We have done this to pass on some time and have a little fun with our Facebook fans. We have lost many followers but expect to get them back again when we later this autumn release a ‘real’ full-length album as Kapten Hurricane.”

Listen to the album below, and congrats to Dead Summit for cracking the history books (until someone else bests them next year, that is)!

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