September 15, 2016


'Undercover Lyft': DJ Khaled Finds Out What People Really Think of Him

Undercover Lyft has been taking off in the last few months, with Shaq and Demi Lovato both taking turns behind the wheel. Today it's DJ Khaled driving folks around New York City dressed as a locksmith named Billy. (Because keys, which get a Major Key-amount of shout-outs.)

Watch above as DJ Khaled sneakily references his love for lions, jet-skis, Snapchat, hip-hop and just being iconic. It's an equal spread of customers recognizing him and failing to. Things get blessedly meta when he goes:

"What's that song, I got the keys, the keys, the keys, the keys? Future and Jay Z's on it and some guy's screaming on there, and everything he talks about is keys. But it's like, it's so crazy 'cause I'm a locksmith and I got the keys."

The best moment comes when a passenger opines that the hitmaker is "dramatic" when it comes to his vocal contributions. Once she finds out her driver's the We the Best don, she still stands by her judgment. The next best? One also-unknowing passenger talks about how Khaled's Snapchat motivates her every day.

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