September 2, 2016


See What It'd Be Like if Drake Sang Bring Me the Horizon Onstage

Aubrey Drake Graham loves to flex his "Worst Behavior"/"Trophies"/"Back to Back" side at his concerts. It's very metal, sometimes. The good people at Ghost Killer Entertainment get it, and they honored it with a mashup of a Drake live performance with audio of Bring Me The Horizon’s bruiser “Shadow Moses" off 2013's Sempiternal.

Mosh above.

Also, did you see this on Twitter yesterday? 

In a world run by Drake memes, we're going to need "Drake sings metal" to become A Thing, and we're going to need it to include an actual audiovisual interpretation of that Drowning Pool super-classic. Let the Aubreys hit the floooooor....

Then we want this Drowning Pool–obsessed gentleman to sing "Hotline Bling":

Below, wan episode of our digital miniseries The Drake Effect, where Kendrick Lamar and more explain the power of the Drizzy cosign. They do not reveal whether Drake likes singing metal or not.