September 28, 2016


Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold Gifts Legendary Sweater to Fan-Site Editor

Robin Pecknold (@robinpecknold on Instagram)
Robin Pecknold (@robinpecknold on Instagram)

Robin Pecknold loves to be cozy, and that was documented very heavily in a blog dedicated to the Fleet Foxes singer's obsession with one particular sweater.

Years ago, a fan named Taylor started Fuck Yeah Robin Pecknold's Sweater, a Tumblr that praised the garment, which he wore very often. He has stopped wearing the sweater since, but in a Reddit AMA earlier this year, he claimed that he tried to give the sweater to Taylor.

“I haven’t worn it in five years but I have brought it with me dutifully everywhere I’ve moved, someone made a tumblr about the sweater and I wrote to them trying to mail it to them as a gift but they never responded.”

Turns out, after posting a photo of the sweater on Instagram, Taylor and Robin connected, and she is now the proud owner of the geometrically patterned frock.

Fleet Foxes are reportedly working on their third album, which will be called Crack-Up.