September 30, 2016


Freddie Gibbs Acquitted of Sexual Assault Charges in Austria

Freddie Gibbs has been acquitted of sexual assault charges in Vienna, Austria, on Friday, Ben Lambert (the rapper's manager) announced. In June, Gibbs was arrested by French police and charged in an Austrian court with sexual assaulting a woman in 2015.

He spent four months in French and Austrian jails, and will now be returning back to the U.S.

"The truth has come to light. Freddie has been acquitted of the false accusations. He's coming home a free man," Lambert said in an Instagram post. "Thank you to everyone who has been by our side these past 4 months, sending us good vibes, praying for us. Thank God. To new beginnings..."

According to AFP, the Vienna regional court determined there was not enough evidence to prove that Gibbs had sex with the alleged victim. If Gibbs was convicted, he would have faced a maximum of 10 years in prison. The rapper's U.S. lawyer Theodore Simon said in a statement, 

"While we are appreciative of the verdict of not guilty, nothing has changed. The actual facts have always demonstrated that Freddie was and is 100% innocent. It is now self-evident he was wrongly accused. The trial has confirmed our belief that after a searching and complete investigation and trial the true and actual facts would be revealed - that there always was an absence of any scientific, physical, or credible evidence that would warrant in any way such an accusation. Freddie and his family look forward to returning to the States so he can resume his life and career.”

In response to the acquittal, Lambert tweeted the following today: