September 21, 2016


'Fuller House' Season 2 Gets Premiere Date & New Poster

Everywhere you look, everywhere there's a heart...and a new season of Fuller House to hold on to. Netflix's hit reboot is quickly returning for its second season, with a Dec. 9 release date bestowed to the return of the Tanner clan.

The late 2016 premiere means that we're getting Season 2 of Fuller House less than 10 months after the show premiered last February. Netflix does not release ratings, but reports suggest that Fuller House is one of the streaming platform's biggest hits ever, even eclipsing the debut of Stranger Things over the summer.

So what do we know about Fuller House's sophomore outing? It will feature a Thanksgiving episode; Joey Gladstone's wife and kids will be unveiled (maybe he was married to Mr. Woodchuck all along?); and New Kids on the Block will pop up to keep the Nostalgia Train chugging along.

Fuller House, of course, revived the Tanner family made famous on the '90s sitcom Full HouseClick here for the 25 best Full House episodes ever.