September 30, 2016


Future Hispanic History Month: Gabriel Iglesias’ Undeniable Comedy

Fuse Media Inc.
Fuse Media Inc.

We're celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with Future Hispanic History Month, which will highlight rising stars who are creating history before our very eyes. Today we honor Gabriel Iglesias, a Fuse favorite but so much more, who has made strides in the comedy world for stand-ups everywhere. Comedy is more diverse today because of Fluffy!

For over a decade, Iglesias has relied upon his sharp wit and natural charm to beguile audiences during stand-up routines, film appearances, on comedy albums and while hanging around with his hilarious pals on his Fuse series Fluffy Breaks Even. When Iglesias and his crew decided to hit the road, try some of the best eats on the planet and then work off the calories, the comedian’s flair for observational and physical humor was able to shine, and the show has endeared itself to a wide variety of viewers.

Just as importantly, Fluffy has stood for inclusion in the comedy world, proudly representing his Mexican heritage and encouraging other Hispanic comedians to find national platforms. Gabriel Iglesias is more than just any comedy routine, memorable joke or funny skit—he’s representing millions while making us laugh.

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