September 22, 2016


Gigi Hadid Goes Off After Being Manhandled by Stranger

Robino Salvatore/Gc Images
Robino Salvatore/Gc Images

Gigi Hadid was attacked on Wednesday while walking with her sister, Bella, to their car. Amid a swarm of paparazzi and onlookers, a stranger came from behind and tried to physically pick her up.

Hadid elbowed the man, while Bella reportedly shouted, "Let go of her!" When he put her down, Gigi ran after him and yelled, "Who the fuck are you, you piece of shit?"

The photos, of course, captured a hectic and unwelcomed scene:

After Hadid was safe and sound, she retweeted a fan, who bashed he media for saying the model was out of line for defending herself.