September 22, 2016


Watch Hillary Clinton Visit Zach Galifianakis' Always-Awkward 'Between Two Ferns'

"I really regret doing this," Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tells Zach Galifianakis midway through this new episode of Between Two Ferns. And of course it makes surprise-sense that she's there, and that she, or her based-on-real-life character, is exhausted with caustic dimwit questions like, "When you see how well it works for Donald Trump, do you ever think to yourself, 'Oh, maybe I should be more racist'?"

Galifianakis also asks Hillary Clinton if she's excited to potentially become "the first girl president" as well the first white president for "a younger, younger generation." Then he makes the classic mistake of misinterpreting the job of Secretary of State, wondering, "How does President Obama like his coffee? Like himself? Weak?"

So: more or less comically uncomfortable than the time Obama himself hit Between Two Ferns? While you ponder, watch Fuse's report from the 2016 Democratic National Convention: