September 15, 2016


Iceman Goes to a Gay Bar & Meets a Dangerous Love Interest in 'All-New X-Men #13'


Bobby Drake—a.k.a. beloved X-Men character Iceman—came out as gay last year in an April issue of All-New X-Men. The creators went back in time to have a teenage Iceman come to terms with his sexuality before his adult self even had. More than a year later, one of the founding X-Men is coming into his own, but of course there's a dangerous twist. Spoilers ahead.

In All-New X-Men #13, released this week, Iceman hits the town with fellow mutants Oya and Genesis. Oya attempts to flirt with a cute guy, but quickly realize she's in the wrong place and instead attempts to help Iceman find a suitor. At first, things don't go well for our hero Bobby, who ends up freezing himself and running out of the bar embarrassed.

But outside he ends up meeting a handsome fellow named Romeo (see the cutie below). The connection is made, digits are scored, and all seems to be going great for our young hero until the X-Men are called to fight a monster terrorizing the city. 

That's when things get complicated.

Turns out that both the aforementioned monster and Iceman's Romeo are actually "Inhuman," which Logo notes refers to "a once-secret race of humans experimented on millennia ago and gifted with strange and unique powers (not unlike mutants)."

All in all, we imagine it's going to be the greatest and most dangerous love story since Romeo and Juliet (natch).

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