September 19, 2016


Infinite Return With Racing 'The Eye' Single: Watch the Video

Throughout their career, Infinite has been known for their dynamic, tempo-shifting singles, and their latest continues that tradition with one of their most racing releases to date.

Check out "The Eye" above, which opens with a soft piano and haunting violins backing the guys' soft croons. The track begins growing by incorporating pummeling percussion and soaring synthesizers on the pre-chorus and chorus, until the guys flip the music on its head with a glitchy dance breakdown that would make Skrillex jealous. Similar to Infinite's excellent 2014 single "Back," this new track doesn't incorporate any rap elements, but instead sees the band's designated rappers Dongwoo and Hoya showing off their increasingly impressive vocals.

"The Eye" details how someone can be so hooked on their lover, it's as if their gaze has them stuck inside their eyes. The accompanying music video is a dramatic take on the concept as member L—who's becoming increasingly more famous for his acting skills in his native Korea—plays the lovelorn figure and his members are trying to keep him from getting sucked back in. There's multiple scenes of L trying to shield his gaze as he stares into the sun and tries to put a bag mask over his head.

"The Eye" is the lead single from the septet's new EP Infinite Only. The seven-track release includes "Eternity" (which is produced by "The Eye" producer BEE of Rphabet) along while other tracks on the album include co-writing and -producing credits from Hoya and Dongwoo. Stream the record on Apple Music and listen to a preview of the album tracks below:

Next, check out some amazing photos of Infinite in action in New York City: