September 1, 2016


Justin Bieber Fan Helps Him Pay for Milk, His All-Time Favorite Beverage

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Justin Bieber sauntered into Subway last Thursday to get some grub, but his card was declined, reports The Daily Mail

Apparently, with girlfriend Sofia Richie in the car, Biebs hopped into the store and ordered a footlong, four milks and some cookies. When it came time to pay, a fan had to come to his rescue. Aww! Beliebers forever.

However, the real takeaway here is that Justin Bieber loves milk. He loves milk so much that he ordered four bottles of the stuff.

In fact, if you roll through the history of Bieber and the tasty beverage, you'll find out how deep his love runs. Like, did you know that he can drink a whole glass of milk in 22 seconds? "22.3, baby!"

In this campaign, he makes this admission: "I like milk. I've loved milk since I was like, young. I always drink milk, so." See! There's the proof!

He also revealed that he wants to drink a milkshake with Beyoncé. Which reminds me, Bieber loves going to Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood and has been spotted there multiple times.

At an early point in his career, his likeness was used on milk cartons. That would never happen now. is still a website, by the way.

But anyway, Bieber loves milk so much that he drank it too fast and threw it up mid-concert once.

Afterward, fans were worried, so he tweeted a simple explanation:

By saying that milk was a "bad choice," I think he was lying to himself a little bit. Justin Bieber always thinks milk is a good choice. But you gotta say what you gotta say when you're in the spotlight. Apparently, when TMZ talked to him shortly after the incident, Bieber claimed that drinking milk was a Canadian thing...

Honestly, sometimes he just needs some milk.