September 2, 2016


The 29 Basic Brands Kanye West Loves

Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

It was the consumer report heard 'round the world:

So yes, Yeezy loves Mickey D’s. But Kanye West, also known as the Louis Vuitton Don, frequently shouts out luxury brands such as: Gucci, YSL, and Maybach. His lyrics also capture the everyday attainable pleasures like chain restaurants, family vehicles and stores at your local mall. He’s a man of expensive pleasures; he’s a man of the people. Get you a Kanye who can do both!  

From The College Dropout to The Life of Pablo, we present the best basic brand shout-outs from Kanye’s verses:

Chain Restaurants / Fast Food
Kanye was one of the firsts to namedrop Cheesecake Factory in The College Dropout. From there, he continued to show how much he loved the fastest food imaginable.

"I went to Cheesecake, he was a motherfucking waiter there" - "School Spirit," from The College Dropout

"Says she want diamonds, I took her to Ruby Tuesdays" - "Gone," from Late Registration

"My dawg worked at Taco Bell, hooked us up plural" - "Gone," from Late Registration

"Before anybody wanted K-West beats Me and my girl split the buffet at KFC" - "Touch The Sky," from Late Registration

"Then I get there and all the Popeye's is finished, girl" - "30 Hours," from The Life of Pablo

"You realize we at the DoubleTree, not the Aria / Only thing open is Waffle House, girl don't start with me" - "30 Hours," from The Life of Pablo

Gifts for the Fam
On the weekend, go to the mall, grab a slice and snatch a gift card at these stores

"Fire Marshall said I took it to the max like TJ" - "Kinda Like a Big Deal," from Clipse's Til The Casket Drops

"Her mother, brother, grandmother hate me in that order / Public visitation, we met at Borders" - "All Of The Lights," from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

"I need more drinks and less lights / And that American Apparel girl in just tights" - "Gorgeous," from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 

"Rock Forever 21 but just turned 30" - "Bound 2," from Yeezus

Dad Vehicles (& Insurance)
Family-friendly vehicles!

"Would you ride with Ne-Yo, if he was in a Geo" - "Wouldn't Get Far," from The Game's Doctor's Advocate

"Then the sky filled with herons / (I saw the devil) in a Chrysler LeBaron" - "Dark Fantasy," from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

"When I park my Range Rover / Slightly scratch your Corolla / Okay, I smashed your Corolla" - "Hold My Liquor," from Yeezus

"Expedition was Eddie Bauer edition" - "30 Hours," from The Life of Pablo

""Should've got that insured, Geico for your money" - "Gold Digger," from Late Registration

Yeezys and all imitators

"Now is it just me, or do them Uggs have girls feet lookin' like sheepskin rugs" - "Gettin It In," from Jadakiss' Kiss of Death

"Some days I'm in my Yeezys, some days I'm in my Vans" - "No More Parties in LA," from The Life of Pablo

"If Nike ain't have Drizzy, man they wouldn't have nothin', woo! / If Nike ain't have Don C, man they wouldn't have nothin', ooh!" - "Facts," from The Life of Pablo

"Herzog and Adidas, man you know they love it" - "Facts," from The Life of Pablo

Weekend Stuff

"They even made me show ID to get inside of Sam's Club" - "Never Let Me Down," from The College Dropout

More Food!
Kanye stays hungry...

"I drink a Boost for breakfast, an Ensure for dessert" - "Through The Wire," from The College Dropout

"Heard they'd do anything for a Klondike" - "Stronger," from Graduation

"That’s no Oscar Mayer bacon, you should run and tell your mom" - "Power (Remix)," from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

"Mix that Goose and Malibu, I call it 'Malibooyah' / Goddamn, Yeezy, how he hit them with a new style?" - "Monster," from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

"Housekeeping, I mean goddamn / One time let it be a bad bitch sweeping / That know we get O's like Cheerios / That know because they seen us in the videos" - "So Appalled," from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

"Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, this is pure luxury / I give 'em Grey Poupon on a DJ Mustard, ah!" - "Facts," from The Life of Pablo