September 1, 2016


Kanye West's 'Fade' Video Director Used Pornhub's '70s & '80s Clips for Inspiration


Teyana Taylor simultaneously broke the TV and internet spaces by starring in Kanye West's cardio-heavy, über-sexy "Fade" video that premiered during the 2016 MTV VMAs. And wherever good art comes from, there's important research that goes into it...which is why the video director spent loads of time on Pornhub, naturally.

In an interview with The New York Times, 24-year-old director Eli Russell Linnetz revealed he decided on the overall feel and look of the video after he "pulled a lot of references from ’70s and ’80s porn, just on Pornhub." He adds, "That was less about the imagery and more about the texture of the skin, the oiliness." From the looks of it, that was some good research.

Linnetz said obvious references like Flashdance and Grace Jones can be felt, along with more subtle ones like Dancing with the Stars, the Olympics and the NBA championship all making their marks in various ways.

Linnetz added that the final image of Taylor transformed into a feline-human hybrid with beau Iman Shumpert and their child among a herd of sheep is "foreshadowing bigger things to come, which you guys will find out about soon enough." 

"Fade" is already one of the best and most beautiful videos of the year so far, so count us 100 percent ready for Part 2. You can watch the "Fade" video here.

Get your #TBT on with a classic Fuse interview with Kanye below: