September 13, 2016


Fan Falls Trying to Climb Kanye West's Floating Stage: Watch

Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour is making waves for its floating stage. Yeezy flies above the audience for the duration of the bangers-heavy arena set, which you'd think would have him out of reach. But in the always-turnt Atlanta on Monday night, a fan came close to making the stage a two-man spot.

Watch above as "Power" inspires a guy to propel himself up to the edge of Kanye's flying stage [via Complex]. Just as Kanye starts a "DON'T DO THAT!!" gesture, the dude either falls or gets yanked down. There's even a whole other angle:

For his traditional "Runaway" monologue, Kanye let his fans know:

"I die on the internet everyday for y'all. I die for your dreams. I look stupid so y'all don't have to be afraid. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. ... 'Cause that's how they control you."

Get a longer, more musical look:

For more Yeezy, watch an episode of Fuse's digital miniseries The Kanye Effect, this one detailing his power as a live performer: