With election day approaching, Katy Perry is urging everyone to get up and vote...in the nude? The pop star teamed up with Funny or Die for a kind-of-SFW promotional video where she attempts to head to the polls completely nude.

In the video above, Katy wakes up with crazy bed head and U.S. flag pajamas (like a true American) and explains that it's perfectly fine to "look like shit when you vote." "In the name of democracy, any out-of-bed look is A-ok!" she boasts. Showing off your pimples or rocking a child's onesie is acceptable, but Katy (along with guest star Joel McHale) soon finds out going to vote naked is not a good idea.

Throughout the presidential campaign, Katy has been a strong advocate for Hillary Clinton. She performed "Rise" and "Roar" during July's Democratic National Convention, and also showed her support for the candidate at last night's debate:

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