September 19, 2016


Future Hispanic History Month: Lauren Giraldo's Growing Empire

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Getty Images

This year, we’re celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with Future Hispanic History Month highlighting a variety of rising stars who are creating history before our very eyes. The numbers don't lie: Lauren Giraldo can claim to be the funniest 18-year-old on social media right now with 3.3 million followers on Vine (the platform on which she initially broke out), 642,000 Instagram likers597,000 Twitter followers and 381,000 YouTube subscribers. But the Colombian-Cuban is doing more with her following than posting selfies.

In April it was announced that Giraldo was producing a Latina TV docuseries spotlighting Latino life in Miami with casting producers reaching out to the social star's fanbase (five million strong) for submissions. Her aim with the show is to spotlight a huge, but underrepresented demographic of young people, telling Latina magazine, "I feel like there aren't a lot of shows and stuff for millennials, who live in America and speak Spanish, but aren't fully speaking Spanish all the time." That's a huge group of people to pay attention as recent research showing that a majority of 18-29 Latinos say that they speak in English just as much as they do in Spanish.

What makes Lauren the perfect person to help connect minorities to larger audiences it that she did it all by being herself. The self-described feminist is confident in herself ("I love me enough for the both of us," reads her Instagram bio) and proud of her culture ("Latinos have a completely different energy," she's said. "We're fun, we're loud, we're crazy, we're very warm and kind"), and knowing how her integrity-driven social media life has connected with millions will be priceless to TV producers. 

Her personality already landed her endorsement collaborations with the likes of Coca Cola, Clean & Clear and Warner Bros, who's to say she can't conquer even more mediums?