September 19, 2016


Lizzo's 'Phone' Video is For Everyone Who's Ever Lost Their Phone at a Bar

"Where the hell my phone? How'm I 'posed to get home?"

The chorus to Lizzo's "Phone" rings too true for anyone who's experienced late-night delirium while trying to leave the bar. The extremely relatable song was released last week along with the news that the feminist rapper will drop her upcoming EP, Coconut Oil, on Oct. 7 via Nice Life Recording Company/Atlantic. On Monday, we got the video for the sparse and hilarious track.

The visual has Lizzo dancing in a trio (not too dissimilar from Beyoncé's "Single Ladies") and lamenting over the loss of her cellular device. She enlists the help of a group of guys, who amplify her bossiness in the club as she sings about an annoying guy who will only buy her $1 drinks. 

Lizzo has been building up a loyal fanbase in the past few years and is breaking out to the mainstream by hosting MTV's Wonderland show, which will focus on different performances every week. MTV also invited her to co-host the VMAs red carpet.

Watch the clip above, and then check her comedic chops on the red carpet: