September 4, 2016


The 7 Best Places to Take a Nap at Made in America Festival

Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Anheuser-Busch
Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Anheuser-Busch

I love festivals. Like, I absolutely squeeze everything out of them. When it comes to Budweiser's Made in America Festival, there's so much to take advantage of: the dope artists (Rihanna and Coldplay!!!), the bevy of beer, the free swag, the rides, the skating, etc. But all of that takes an intense amount of turning up, and I, my friends, am a grandpa when it comes to staying up for more than 5 hours at a time.

That's why I found a few key places at MIA (in between dancing my ass off, of course) where I could cuddle up and get a few minutes of shut-eye. Below, I've evaluated them for you because I like you guys so much.

1. Near the entrance

Nap quality: 6 out of 10

Although it's very important to charge up for a full day of getting lit, sleeping next to the entrance of a festival is not recommended. I nestled into a nice spot behind a tent, but I got in the way of fans eager to get to their favorite shows. I was only able to muster a minute of sleep before I decided not to get trampled.

2. Behind the Tidal Stage

Nap quality: 8

The Tidal Stage was one of my favorite setups of the whole festival. It featured some of the more chill and up-and-coming acts at the fest, including C-Kan, Manolo Rose and Car Seat Headrest. I chose to close my eyes for a bit after Miya Folick's amazing performance, and the gate around the area was the perfect prop-up.

3. By the food trucks

Nap quality: 10

There's more than enough food to choose from at Made in America (and free McDonald's breakfast, which I was very stoked about). After wolfing down some crab cakes, I fell into a nice food coma under the trees while the smell of fried onions wafted into my dreams.

4. In a thicket of trees

Nap quality: 6.3

Keep in mind that Made in America is a festival full of thousands of people in the middle of a shut-down highway. However, being the wood nymph that I am, I found a little bit of shady canopy to take cover under. I woke up just as Justine Skye started her set at the Liberty Stage, when people were rushing around me to see what was up with that beautiful voice.

5. In the Budweiser area

Nap quality: 1

Much to my surprise, Budweiser had PILLOWS at this festival. It irked me that I took so long to find them, but once I saw them in a special little Bud-branded area, I barely could sleep because I was just thinking about all the beer I needed to drink.

6. During 2 Chainz's first rap

Nap quality: 2

I know what you're thinking: Emilee, do you need medical attention? Why do you require so much sleep? It's not true. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne were just about to go on as ColleGrove, and I knew I needed to recharge after Bryson Tiller's set. I plopped down on the grass with my backpack as a pillow and then got right back up so I could sing "I'm Different" with my friends.

7. On the Ferris wheel

Nap quality: 7

Damn! Wayne and 2 Chainz played allllll their hits, which I wasn't expecting. It took a lot out of me. Still, I had some time to kill before Rihanna blew my mind in an hour, so I headed to the Ferris Wheel. And while I floated above the entire festival, I felt at peace and got a much-needed snooze.

Check out the photos from Made in America below: