September 30, 2016


Mary J. Blige's Half-Hour Interview With Hillary Clinton Is Here

Mary J. Blige has a new Beats 1 show, The 411, and the debut episode's a doozy. Watch above to see the iconic singer/actress interview Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for a half-hour. 

"This is an audience that's definitely waiting to hear what she has to say," Blige says in her intro. "They're waiting to see who she really is so they can embrace her. So this is definitely different for her, and different for me."

Clinton's faith, her true self, grandmotherhood and police brutality are among the many topics covered in the interview. At one point MJB sings the Bruce Springsteen song "American Skin (41 Shots)," written in the wake of unarmed 23-year-old Guinea native Amadou Diallo's illegal murder at the hands of four NYPD officers in 1999.

Earlier this week, Sia made a video admiring Hillary Clinton's stamina (a favorite target of Donald Trump's) set to her song "The Greatest."

Go inside the 2016 DNC during Hillary Clinton’s big night: