September 19, 2016


So You're Waiting for That Second Melanie Martinez Album? Here's the Latest

Jatnna Nunez
Jatnna Nunez

Melanie Martinez is feeling inspired, and we know this because she gave a rare update on Twitter on Sunday night, alerting us of all the projects she has underway. One of those projects? The anticipated second album.

The onetime Fuse First artist took to Twitter to announce that she's plotting out Album No. 2 for an early 2017 release, and that she has two more music videos on the way. 

As Martinez said, she kicks off the last leg of her Cry Baby Tour tonight in Virigina and will be on the road until the end of November, where she will put things to rest in Dublin. "I also have so many new surprises in the show this tour," she wrote.

As for the music videos she speaks of, there's no word on whether they are for new songs or current ones.

She also posted this strange video on Instagram:

Here's an interview Fuse did with Martinez where she talks about how she already knows the concept for her second album: