September 12, 2016


Michael Phelps Is Very Good at Swimming, Very Bad at Lip Syncing Eminem's 'Lose Yourself'

Michael Phelps has won 23 Olympic gold medals, all for competitive swimming, which is an all-time record. Michael Phelps, as you probably know and can imagine after reading that fact, is a great swimmer.

Michael Phelps is not a great lip sync–er. In fact, he is so bad at competitive lip syncing—in a Lip Sync Battle, if you will—that it makes you wonder how he became so legendary in a sport that relies heavily on synchronicity.

On the latest episode of Lip Sync Battle, Phelps pays homage to one of his favorite rappers, Eminem, by performing “Lose Yourself,” complete with dark hoodie and staring-in-mirror seriousness. Sadly, dude cannot rap along with the backing track! He sort of mumbles the intro, awkwardly jerks the mic away from his face whenever gets lost and looks painfully lame while trying to catch up to the beat during the chorus. 

Look, it’s obviously harder to lip sync a rap song than a non-rap song, but the opening verse of “Lose Yourself” is pretty famous, and also, Phelps chose the song. Sigh. Maybe he should have done Future’s “Stick Talk,” which he used to motivate himself prior to his latest Olympics victory?