September 20, 2016


Watch Miley Cyrus Look Completely Normal on Jimmy Fallon's 'Ew'

Miley Cyrus visited Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show on Monday night to promote the newest season of The Voice, which premiered that night. And while she was there, she guested on Fallon's recurring sketch, "Ew!"

Of course, "Ew!" is hosted by a sixth-grade girl in her basement, while her step-dad tries to be the cool parent. Miley played her ultimate BFF Becky.

Cyrus wears a wig that looks oddly like her past Disney Channel look and helps Sara ward off her geeky step-dad. They play a game of "Ew!," during which we learn that one of the characters has a thing for Joe Pesci.

Check out all of Miley's red carpet looks below, since she recently proclaimed that she's never walking a carpet again: