September 9, 2016


WTF Is With This Godawful 9/11-Themed Mattress Sale Ad?

San Antonio, Texas' Miracle Mattress screwed up—way up—this week. Watch above to see a bootleg version of a Sept. 11-referencing ad the company posted on its Facebook. (Not clear if it also aired on TV.) "What better way to remember 9/11 than with a 'twin tower sale'?" gushes Cherise Bonanno, listed on LinkedIn as Miracle Mattress' owner.

Once she clarifies the terms of the sale to her ecstastic co-stars, she topples them into two towers of mattresses, mock-shrieks, gets her composure back in a millisecond and says, smiling, "We'll never forget."

This Sunday marks 15 years since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 claimed 2,996 lives and injured more than 6,000 more.

BuzzFeed has extensively cataloged the internet backlash to Miracle Mattress' big play for those ducats. The company issued an apology letter (below) on Facebook from Mike Bonanno, also credited as an owner. (His relationship to Cherise is currently unclear; the assumption seems to be that she's his daughter.) Bonanno says the video was posted without his say-so, that it's "tasteless and an affront to the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11" (bolded, underlined and italicized, the Microsoft Word triple-punch), that he's "disgusted such a video would have been conceived as a promotional tool" and that Miracle Mattress will now "review our entire marketing strategy."

Death threats have reportedly been leveled at the company's employees. Cherise Bonanno tells local NBC affiliate WOAI:

"We are not hate, we are love, we are somebody that stands out, we are miracle mattress, we make miracles happen. And for our lives to be in danger that is not what we ever wanted. ... It was stupid, it was a stupid idea that we sent out and we apologize for our stupidity and we really hope that you forgive us for what we have done."

Miracle Mattress plans to donate 30 percent of this weekend's sales to the 9/11 Foundation.