September 7, 2016


Modern Inventors Song Premiere: Stream the Gorgeous ‘Tonight’

Michael Weintrob
Michael Weintrob

Modern Inventors, the duo of Matt Kass and Josh Benus, recently relocated from Philadelphia to Nashville, and in doing so rearranged the blueprint of its sound. There’s psych-rock at the edges of their melodies, as if Band of Horses was indulging in its weirdest instincts.

Listen to the sprawling, muscular “Tonight,” the new song premiering exclusively on Fuse:

"Living in the city, where everyone is walking around with their nose in their smart phones, it can be pretty easy to desensitize yourself to your surroundings,” Modern Inventors explain in a statement about the new song. “There is an enormous contrast of wealth inequality, and ‘Tonight’ is a reminder to pay attention to what’s going on around you and help those in need. In Philly, where the song was written, it's not uncommon to have a young, hip, gentrified housing development next to projects, and the song is about reminding yourself that you shouldn't take your circumstance for granted."

Modern Inventors recently teamed with Jack White’s drummer, Daru Jones, for another new song, “Closer,” which premiered on Stereogum. The two songs will be officially released this Friday.