September 6, 2016


Netflix's 'Narcos' Renewed for Seasons 3 and 4

Narcos Season 2 hit Netflix on Friday, and if you availed yourself of enough [illegal substance redacted] to finish all 10 episodes already, you'll be happy to hear the next fix is on the way. 

Narcos has been renewed for two more seasons, with Season 3 premiering in 2017. (Back in February, months before Orange Is the New Black's third season dropped, the show got a three-year renewal from Netflix.)

Let the teaser above get that heart-rate climbing.

TVLine writes that executive producers José Padilha and Eric Newman are definitely sticking around. Narcos fans who saw the Season 2 finale know that the show's future will have to take an interesting route.

What will also be supremely interesting is that continued path of Narcos vs. Pablo Escobar's brother, who wants $1 billion from Netflix ASAP.