September 1, 2016


Thor & Darryl TV Show? Fan Petition Seeks Marvel Buddy Comedy

During Comic-Con this year, Marvel released a mock digital short featuring superhero Thor and his roommate Darryl Jacobson. The funny clip has reached more than six million views, so it's only natural that a petition to make it into an actual show would follow.

Ty Schmidt created a petition where he requests for the short to be transformed into a Netflix series, after seeing the suggestion in the comment section. "As soon as I finished watching the short on YouTube, it brought a huge smile to me. I laughed throughout the entirety of the video," he says in the description.

The short features Thor living in an "average, everyday" world, where he visits an elementary classroom, emailing Captain America and Tony Stark and gives a tour of his apartment. While the petition (which now has 510 signatures out of 1,000) may not come to life, Nerdist points out Fox's upcoming series Son of Zorn is in a similar vein:

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