September 2, 2016


New 'American Horror Story' Season 6 Teaser: Watch an Evil Doll Come to Life

There are two words that describe the latest American Horror Story season six teasers: disgusting, and demonic. FX's promo rollout now features a most wicked-looking doll that makes Chucky of Child's Play look like an angel. 

The doll appears innocent at first, but a closer look reveals her gaping mouth. The next AHS teaser will give you the creepy-crawlies, as it shows someone dragging themselves out acidic-looking water before their leg succumbs to a metallic black substance:

These new cryptic teasers follow last week's reveal that all the seasons are connected, but it still doesn't give a hint to what the actual theme will be. Look out for season six of AHS when it premieres Sept. 14 on FX. 

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