September 6, 2016


Sorry, OutKast Isn’t Making a New Album

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Firefly Music Festival
Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Firefly Music Festival

On Monday night, Gucci Mane set Rap Twitter ablaze with a Snapchat that hinted at a studio collaboration with…OutKast. That’s right, the same OutKast that hasn’t released an album in 10 years, that reunited in 2014 to headline every festival under the sun, that repped the ATL long before Gucci entered the picture.

“I just did a record for OutKast,” Gucci states in the Snapchat. Is the Mighty O back, secretly recording a new album with some hip-hop heavyweights? Sadly, that’s, at least publicly, a mighty No.

A rep for André 3000 tells Fuse that there’s “no OutKast news to report.” Another source confirms that the snap is bogus—Gucci most likely misspoke and meant that he recorded something with Big Boi, not Outkast proper. 

Bummer! At least André revealed that he’s “always recording,” and may someday release “some kind of music project.” And hey, he’s on the new Frank Ocean album and Travis Scott album!