September 13, 2016


'Pokémon Generations' Trailer: New Animated Web Series on the Way

Can't get enough Squirtle and Pikachu and all the other weirdo characters of the Pokémon world? Then, you'll be pumped about Pokémon's latest announcement.

On Tuesday, the franchise launched their new animated web series, Pokémon Generations, which intends to “shed new light on some timeless moments” from the video games. They also dropped the trailer, which you can watch above.

If this sounds appealing to you, you won't have to wait long for the episodes to begin. You'll be getting new Pokémon starting Sept. 16 on the Pokémon YouTube channel. The three- to five-minute clips will air until December.

Find out with artist is obsessed with Pokémon in the compilation video below: