September 8, 2016


'Pokémon Go' Plus Wearable Arrives Next Week

Pokémon on YouTube/Nintendo
Pokémon on YouTube/Nintendo

The Pokémon Go craze isn't ending any time soon, thanks to Niantic Labs' upcoming release. The video game developer announced the Pokémon Go Plus wearable will launch on Sept. 16 in most countries, a few months after its initial release for July. They plan to release it in some South American territories later this year.

The device, which runs for $34.99, can be placed on the wrist or worn as a pin. It uses Bluetooth Smart as a sensor, where it will vibrate whenever Pokémon and PokéStops are nearby. The wearable device is compatible with both the Android and iOS versions of the game. Users can also collect items from PokéStops and catch Pokémon by simply pressing a button.

The announcement comes after Niantic Labs revealed at the Apple press conference yesterday that Pokémon Go will be coming to the Apple Watch soon. Ahead of the Plus wearable's release, see a list of all the crazy things the game has made people do.

While you're at it, watch a montage of Colette Carr, Lewis Del Mar, Mario and more share their favorite things (one artist is obsessed with Pokémon):