September 6, 2016


Sia's Wig Goes Fully Black in 'The Greatest' Music Video

Sia's new music video, released Monday night, turns her infamous wig — which transformed from blond to half-blond, half-black with the past two album cycles, respectively — black. "The Greatest" features kid dance prodigy Maddie Zeigler once again and oodles of choreography from Ryan Heffington.

And if that wasn't enough, Sia also dropped a version with Kendrick Lamar too.

The song is another uplifting Sia jam, which features her soaring vocals and explosions of tropical beats. And the video is a masterpiece in itself. Filmed to look like it was done in one continuous shot, the camera follows around Ziegler as she becomes the leader of a group of dirty, misfit, zombie children in an abandoned house. She busts out her exaggerated, slightly psychotic facial expressions and bursts with moves we have yet seen from the dancer.

The vid, directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, uses the hashtag #WeAreYourChildren — which could be a reference to the kids featured in the video or the name of a larger project.