September 18, 2016


Future Hispanic History Month: Snow Tha Product's Rap Ambition

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We're celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with Future Hispanic History, a month of highlighting rising stars who are creating history before our very eyes. Today we are honoring Snow Tha Product, a Mexican-American artist who is etching her name in the rap industry.

Repping California, the 29-year-old rapper (whose birth name is Claudia Feliciano) was born in San Jose before moving to San Diego. After realizing college was not for her, she focused on strengthening her music career. Snow, who gets her name from the classic Disney princess Snow White (just with a harder edge), is no stranger to the underground rap game. But she's more than ready to finally enter the mainstream.

In a world where it's frustratingly difficult for women (especially minorities) to be recognized in a historically male-dominated genre, Snow displays a motivating spirit by not being afraid to share her personal life to fans or fearlessly standing firm alongside counterparts with that incredible rapid-fire rap flow:

Along with being a masterful rapper, Snow is also a serious businesswoman. We are currently in the middle of one of the most controversial political campaigns in history, and she is using this time to enlighten people and stress the importance of voting.

Snow created a clothing line called Stay Woke, which is a mantra within itself, that drives people to always be aware on what's going on in the world. She explained the idea was formed "from not being a sleepwalker through life and instead, being awakened and available to opportunity when that motherfucker shows up to your doorstep." You can't get much realer than that.

This woke mindset also trickles into the rapper's music, as seen with “Despierta," a Spanish-language track that reads more like a call to action than a rap song. The artist holds nothing back, calling out Latinos who divide their community instead of coming together to support one another. 

It's clear that Snow Tha Product isn't afraid to take risks, so it's no surprise that she's received co-signs from hip-hop veterans like Tech N9ne. If she keeps going at this pace, there's nothing that can hold her back from being an even bigger star.

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