September 27, 2016


Story of the Year Is Teasing New Music Coming Soon

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

The remnants of my inner teen emo girl shrieked with excitement upon hearing that Story of the Year is ready to release new music in 2017. The St. Louis rockers, who helped many kids get through some tough middle school days (including myself), excited fans with this Facebook announcement:

"Holy shit! Saint Louis killed it as usual. We can't thank you guys enough for another amazing night. This picture is proof that Story Of The Year is alive and ready to fucking destroy everything in 2017. New music coming soon! Who's ready?"

If the band sticks to their word, this will be its first record since 2010's The Constant. Three years back, Story of the Year re-recorded and re-released their debut album Page Avenue in honor of its 10th anniversary. The news follows the announcement of bassist Adam Russell leaving the band in 2014.

Before SOTY drops new music, refresh your memory with some of their best tunes below: