September 1, 2016


‘Stranger Things’ Parody: Barb Returns (And Goes Nuts) on ‘Fallon’

If Barb did return to the Stranger Things universe, that’d be pretty great! But… she’d be pretty pissed about being basically abandoned in the Upside Down by her friends and family, right? That’s what The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon asked when they had head writer A.D. Miles take on the instant-classic role on Wednesday night.

With Fallon beside her as Steve Harrington, Barb goes off on the kids at the Dungeons & Dragons table, screaming about the slugs coming out of her mouth and saying that BFF stands for “Big Fucking Phony!” when it comes to Nancy. How’d she get out of the Upside Down? She made a trade… and now, Will is back in the alternate universe!

But Barb won’t be back for Season 2 in this sketch… she’s getting her own Netflix spinoff. Her made-up title? Orange Is the New Bitch.

Click here for details on Stranger Things’ recently announced Season 2.