September 14, 2016


‘Stranger Things’ Spoof on ‘Colbert’: Discover Eleven’s New Talent

As summer turns to fall, you can bet on one thing staying consistent: the amount of Stranger Things parodies in late-night television. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert got in on the act on Tuesday night, with Millie Bobby Brown stopping by reprise her role as Eleven.

Colbert plays Dr. Brenner, complete with a retro white wig, and asks Eleven to complete an unusual task (which we won’t spoil here). Let’s just say that it makes all of us lazy people out there wish we had a telekinetic daughter, too!

For more late-night Stranger Things goodness, watch “Barb” berate the kids on Jimmy Fallon, and then the real Barb surprise the kids on Chelsea Handler. Next, listen to a Stranger Things discussion on our Back of the Class podcast: