September 12, 2016


These #StyleChallenge Drawings Are Blowing Our Minds

Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The internet is chock full of amazing artists, and a lot of them are just waiting to be seen. With the hashtag #stylechallenge, those artists are trying to break out of their comfort zones and test out their skills, while seeing what everyone else can come up with. 

While perusing the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, we were blown away by the different drawings that people had taken on (especially when they included our favorite celebrities Lauren Jauregui and Melanie Martinez). So, take a look and witness the talent for yourself!

There's @art_199x drawing Fifth Harmony's Lauren in every style:

Melanie Martinez as a Lego is pretty spot-on:

Here's a Twenty One Pilots #stylechallenge!

Oddly enough, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead is pretty attractive as a character from The Simpsons.

Check out even more non-celebrity drawings below, and make sure to click through to the artists' accounts. There's lots of good stuff to be found on there:

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