December 9, 2016


Taylor Swift's Extremely Charitable 2016: From Donations to Hospital Visits

XPX/Star Max/GC Images
XPX/Star Max/GC Images

Taylor Swift may not have an album out this year, but she's finding other ways to keep busy. And while the tabloids-at-large had fun prodding her about breaking up with Tom Hiddleston and that drama with Kimye, Swift seems to be ignoring all the haters and putting her efforts toward doing some good.

In 2016, Swift has been silently helping those in need, from donating money to spending time with those who need a little extra love. Here's what she's been up to:

Swift donated $100,000 to Dolly Parton's telethon, which will benefit the victims of the Tennessee wildfires. With Swift on board, the Academy of Country Music will also donate $100,000.

Taylor donated $5,000 to a fan who lost her sister in a car accident:

She spent 29 minutes Facetiming a sick fan:

She donated money to a child with congenital heart failure on behalf of her godson, Jamie King's Leo, who has the same medical defect:

She showed up for jury duty, which isn't charitable, but it's still commendable (although she was dismissed):

She donated $1 million to Louisiana flood victims:

In addition to that, she donated $50,000 to the Baton Rouge food bank:

She donated to African Parks, too!