September 28, 2016


The Weeknd's 'Starboy' Video: Watch His Dark Persona Come Alive

Update (9/28 at 12pm): The Weeknd's "Starboy" video is now here! Watch above as the singer takes his old locked-hair persona hostage, suffocates him and emerge as a darker version of himself (with a fresh haircut). While guest collaborators Daft Punk don't make an official appearance in the clip, the robots are reimagined as a historical-themed painting.

Original Story (9/27 at 1:45pm): The Weeknd is kicking off his new album era at full speed, as the singer announced he will be releasing the video for his "Starboy" single tomorrow. The noir-themed promotional poster (which resembles "In the Night") reveals it will be directed by Grant Singer. 

The Los Angeles-based filmmaker is the same guy behind most of the Beauty Behind the Madness videos: "The Hills," "Can't Feel My Face" and "Tell Your Friends." The poster features a person suffocating, a black panther, a cross, wicked-looking robbers, a slick car and The Weeknd's fresh low cut. So be prepared for yet another grim spectacle from the artist, with hopefully an appearance from guest features Daft Punk.

The Weeknd is surely keeping busy this week. He's prepping a return on Saturday Night Live as musical guest (Margot Robbie is the host), just shortly after he takes the stage at The Meadows Festival. The Starboy album will arrive on Nov. 25. Check back here tomorrow when we update with the new video. 

But in the meantime, get deep into the zone with a roundup of The Weeknd's must-know tracks pre-Beauty Behind the Madness.