October 28, 2016


AFI Return With Two New Songs & Self-Titled Album Announcement

Rick Kern/WireImage
Rick Kern/WireImage

After days of cryptic videos and mysterious social-media activity, one of the biggest punk comebacks has officially been confirmed: AFI is returning with their first new album in four years. The classic outfit announced the self-titled album AFI will drop next year and introduced the record with two new songs.

Take a listen to the swinging, melodic "Snow Cats" and the harder-hitting "White Offerings" below:

Both tracks appear on AFI, which is set to drop on Jan. 20, 2017. While it's not the big 2016 surprise like we anticipated last year, we luckily don't have to wait too long into 2017 to get this new album.

See the tracklist below and watch a classic interview with had with Fuse during much warmer times at Coachella 2014.

1. "Dark Snow" 
2. "Still a Stranger" 
3. "Aurelia" 
4. "Hidden Knives" 
5. "Get Hurt" 
6. "Above the Bridge"
7. "So Beneath You" 
8. "Snow Cats"
9. "Dumb Kids"
10. "Pink Eyes"
11. "Feed From the Floor"
12. "White Offerings"
13. "She Speaks the Language"
14. "The Wind That Carries Me Away"