October 5, 2016


'Home': Ailee Gets Trap-y and Vulnerable for New Single & Video

Ailee has solidified herself in K-pop as the diva you can depend on for a Beyoncé-esque R&B ballad or banger, but the New Jersey–bred singer is changing things up with a powerful new single.

From the opening notes, "Home" indicates a new Ailee is upon us as woozy, trap beats back the 27-year-old's pleads for a lost lover. Our girl's strong vocals are as present as ever, but they're a little subdued, a little sexier, and boasting a little more melancholy as she declares "I'm coming home / I'll run to you / I'm coming home" before lamenting "but now I'm all alone." Classic rapper Yoonmirae drops in for a memorable verse, making for an awesome American-born-Korean-stars collab.

Aside from the sonic shift, Ailee is also pivoting on her typical song subjects as most of her singles are about empowerment and leaving a wack dude behind ("Mind Your Own Business," "Don't Touch Me," "Singing Got Better," to name a few). Here, Ailee here is showing her vulnerable side which works to stunning results.

The accompanying video also showcases Ailee in a new light as the star has her hair cut shorts and is wears more hip-hop-inspired looks and high-fashion dresses. The overall look of the video is darker and moodier which, again, is a changeup from Ailee's usual music-video setups. 

"Home" is the lead single off Ailee's just-released A New Empire EP. The six-track release not only features Yoonmirae, but also Eric Nam and Tak of Baechigi. Stream the EP via Apple Music here and watch our girl talk stage confidence and working with Seventeen in our KCON interview below: