October 31, 2016


Watch Ariana Grande Barely Make It Through a Haunted House for Ellen Degeneres

EllenTube Video
EllenTube Video

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn, spooksters! Ellen DeGeneres is the queen of daytime TV scares, pranking people in her studio's bathroom and making celebs face their worst fears on television, and this time, she got Ariana Grande and producer Andy Lassner to go through Universal Studios' American Horror Story Halloween Horror Nights maze. Twisted!

DeGeneres' sick pleasures were fulfilled as Ari and Andy coursed through the terrifying maze, as gory goblin after gory goblin reached out at them.

There's plenty of scares and cursing and falling to the ground in the video, and you may even feel secondhand spook. If that's true, Ellen certainly did her job.

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