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Ashlee Simpson's 12 Best Deep Cuts & Album Tracks

The singer is known for spunky hits like "Pieces of Me" and "Boyfriend," but she has a ton of songs in her arsenal that need more attention

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"You think you know me, word on the street is that you do. You want my history. What others tell you won't be true." I remember my 13-year-old self belting out the opening lines to Ashlee Simpson's title track to her debut Autobiography album (released in 2004) like my life depended on it. The angst-riddled lyrics, pounding production and unhidden cracks in her voice resonated with so many teen girls at the time. And it also helped that "Autobiography" was the theme song to MTV's The Ashlee Simpson Show.

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"Love Me For Me"

I thought Ashlee was the most badass chick around when I first popped open my Walkman to jam out to "Love Me For Me." Despite only being 19 at the time, the singer was so unafraid to get just as growly as one of her inspirations—Joan Jett. The in-your-face drums, the rowdy guitar riffs and those middle-finger worthy lyrics ("Step up, sit down / Get ready, let me tell you who's the boss now") made for a damn awesome song.

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"Nothing New"

The deadpan pop-punk delivery of Ashlee's vocals in the verse that soon gets crushed by the wails of the chorus is what makes "Nothing New" such a fun listen. You can almost hear her frustrations bubbling over as she sticks it to her no-good boyfriend.

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"Beautifully Broken"

"Beautifully Broken," from Ashlee's 2005 LP I Am Me, came at a time in my life where I was completely lost, felt alone in high school and needed some guidance. Some may brush off her music as cheesy, but lyrics like "It feels like tomorrow I may not get by / But I will try / I will try wipe the tears from my eyes" anchored by soaring strings helped me find inner strength.

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"Coming Back For More"

Fun fact: The opening line to this track ("Sunday morning blues always about you, I wake up alone in a big room") actually inspired a poem I wrote in the summer of 2006. The spunky vibes of "Coming Back For More" will have you blissfully dancing in the bright corners of your bedroom.

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"Dancing Alone"

Ashlee began to experiment with different sounds other than pop rock on her sophomore album. "Dancing Alone" was a mellow rush of synths and lush melodies that, as the song states, are just like heaven. One spin alone make you believe in love just a little bit stronger.

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"I Am Me"

Ashlee was definitely angsty on her debut album, but she turned those scorned emotions up even more with the title track of the sophomore follow-up. If you've ever felt bitter, angered or hurt by an ex-boyfriend who cheated on you, blast this one while screaming all the pain away.

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"Eyes Wide Open"

"Eyes Wide Open," the penultimate track off I Am Me is about Ashlee thinking there was a ghost living in her house. Its haunting production and visual lyrics about feeling the cool wind on her face makes me wonder why the song was never used for a thriller movie soundtrack.

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We have The Neptunes' Chad Hugo to thank for this poppy track, which he co-produced alongside Kenna and Jack Joseph Puig. Ashlee's playful tone matches the song's punchy '80s-inspired synths.

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Bittersweet World, Ashlee's third album released in 2008, featured a lot of production from by—surprise, surprise!—Timbaland. The music mastermind's best track off the LP remains to be "Murder," which flexed his versatility and the singer's sensual edginess. It's part hypnotizing, a bit menacing and very catchy.

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"Bittersweet World"

Bittersweet World was filled with a ton of experimental sounds from Ashlee, and she heads to Broadway on the Timbaland co-produced title track. The singer begs everyone to try and get along, as handclaps, "la la la" harmonies and jazz-tinged melodies sails the showtune along.

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"L.O.V.E. (Missy Underground Mix)" ft. Missy Elliott

"L.O.V.E.," the second single from I Am Me was a hit in its own right as it reached No. 22 on the Billboard Hot 100. But let's not forget the killer remix that followed, which was helmed by none other than Missy Elliott. The rap genius' production flipped the song into a fiery club jam, and gave it even more sass.

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