October 12, 2016


Britney Spears Shares Photos of Her Son's Badass 'Dragon Ball' Costume: See Now

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

There are moms, there are cool moms, and then there are moms like Britney Spears that defy all coolness.

The pop superstar shared a photo of her son on Twitter dressed as classic Dragon Ball villain Frieza with the little one nailing in-the-air poses. Sure, Frieza was one of the bad guys, but the deliciously evil supervillian has remained a fan-favorite character in both the show fandom and, apparently, the Spears household. See the awesome photo below:

Even cooler than Brit shared it with her 48 million followers, promoting thousands of favorites of retweets. I mean, does your mom support your anime obsession like this?

As we move closer towards Halloween, we'd like to put in a formal request for a Spears family cosplay with Brit transforming her blonde locks into a Super Saiyan-esque Halloween costume. Please and thank you.