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9 of the Best BTS Merch Items You Can Buy on Etsy Right Now

The BTS Army doesn't settle for T-shirts and cell phone charms. Just in time for BTS' new 'Wings' album, these are the most unique items to show your support for the K-pop phenoms

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BTS Faces

Brendaaarts on Etsy

Etsy is the place for fans' artwork to come to life and these caricatures of the members can be brought to life as acrylic pins, patches, badges or buttons. Even cooler how they're all handmade!

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Inside Joke Stickers


Inside jokes and memes are also an important part to any fandom in 2016 too so making sure you have your own sticker of Rap Monster's famous catchphrase that will make any BTS fan automatically come up and talk to you.

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Jerseys With a Special Number

MerchK on Etsy

To the untrained eye, these are your standard fan jerseys. But look a little closer and you'll notice these jerseys take things a step further by including the birth year of whatever member you're rocking on your back, and you can choose to support them with their stage name or birth name (a.k.a. You can support V or Taehyung...or both!)

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Plush Pillows

LilUFO on YouTube

Dying to lie beside a BTS member? We can't guarantee that can ever happen, but these adorable plush pillows are pretty damn close to that.

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Album Cover Necklaces

NavekaDesigns on Etsy

You can't do this with many album covers, but the simplistic, text-centric LP graphics on BTS' The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 albums can be turned into beautiful necklaces like the one above.

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Bangtan High IDs

KPOPGOODSmall on Etsy

We can't confirm if Bangtan Highschool is a real thing, but these incredible ID cards ensure you're a part of the fandom no matter what.

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Shipping Stickers


Shipping member is a huge part of any fandom in the Internet age and Etsy can cater to your favorite pairings in BTS, in particular. Take these sticker where members Jimin and Suga are imagined kissing to give you all the feels.

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Squad Face Mask

AKPopShop on Etsy

Face masks will typically been seen at any K-pop concert, but we love this mask in particular as it boasts all the BTS members' names.

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Members Roll Call

KpopGear on Etsy

Yes, you could wear this T-shirt simply to show that you love BTS and all seven of the members. Or could you pretend it's a list of your boyfriends a la the Taylor Swift shirts.


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