ST LOUIS, MO - OCTOBER 09:  Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) and Republican pres
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For Democrats and Republicans alike, Sunday was a rough night as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump dodged questions about professional fuck-ups while moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper sharply steered the debate with questions from Americans.

And those of us watching had our phones out for commentary, scavenging the television for a quick meme, while mostly just funneling our fear and agitation into Twitter, where the second-screen audience gathered for live analysis. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga were right there with us, along with other celebs. Here are their tweets:

No one was more active than Perry, who performed at the Democratic National Convention and often tailors her outfits around Clinton:

When Trump meandered his way around his recent misogynistic comments about women, Chelsea Handler called him out:

The whole debate seemed kind of messy, with Trump interrupting often and complaining about a lack of time:

Josh Gad was straight up about it:

Not very Presidential...

The first 20 minutes was just Trump trying to justify his "locker room talk":

Lady Gaga couldn't quite understand the stage movements... and she practically LIVES on stage:

Janelle Monae retweeted this shut-down moment from HRC:

Again, Katy was Clinton's biggest cheerleader:

Shonda Rimes was struck by Clinton's comment about terrorism:

Ronan Farrow came in with a Mariah Carey reference when Trump admitted that his Syria policy was different than running mate Mike Pence's:

Zedd butts in with what I assume is a scheduled tweet:

After it was over, JoJo was a little, uh, overwhelmed:

Pink was big on the retweets on Sunday night, sharing this gem on her account:

Lorde retweeted this very important point about Trump's "locker room talk":

And Joe Jonas is trying his best to get in on the meme game by using debate winner (according to CNN) Kenneth Bone to promote DNCE's new single: